Duration: 2.5 hours
Location: Huon River
Price: Starting at $300
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Seaplane access to one of Tasmania’s best thrill-seeking experiences.

Tasmanian Air Adventures has teamed up with the amazing Huon Jet Boat, to provide excitement & adrenaline in the air and on the water!
By combining these two outstanding tours, you get to experience Tasmania’s best thrills in one package. Depart Hobart’s waterfront in style & comfort in our Beaver floatplane, before taking off from the River Derwent and heading for the Huon. After a scenic flight to the south of Mount Wellington, make a spectacular landing on the beautiful Huon River at Huonville.

Now hold on tight and head up the Huon River for the ride of a lifetime. Feel the adrenalin surge as the jet boat quickly accelerates to speeds of up to 80kph. You’ll whip along the riverbank, weaving in and out of the forest canopy that overhangs the river, dodge around trees and rocks in the river, bounce through white water and fly into full 360° spins. You’ll also enjoy true tranquillity as you cruise through wide expanses of deep water surrounded by forest, wildlife and mountains in the distance. Gaze into the still waters that show off fabulous reflections of the river and skies. Go close up with Huon pines growing on the river bank, before returning to the Huon Jet Boat Centre for a longer scenic flight back to Hobart.

After an amazing takeoff from the river, you’ll follow the Huon River down to the sea, past Bruny Island and the D’Entrecasteau Channel and back to the River Derwent in Hobart. The must-do tour for anyone wanting excitement in Tasmania.

Adventure Details

  • Departs – Hobart Waterfront
  • Destination – Huon River
  • Flight Time – 2 x 25 minutes
  • Adventure Time – 2.5 hours
  • Cost – From $300 / person (based on 6 passengers)
  • Passengers – Maximum 6

Trip Highlights

Huonville Bound in the TAA Seaplane

After your first seaplane take-off from the Derwent River, kick back and enjoy the view from the TAA seaplane as you fly south west towards the Huon River.  Take in wonderful views of the southern side of Mt Wellington as you climb to altitude before your descent into Huonville.

Landing on the Huon River

Watch your seaplane pilot’s skill as he brings you to a gentle landing on the Huon River. Get ready to board the Huon Jet Boat for some fast water fun in the Tasmanian wilderness!

The Huon Jet

Twisting and turning through the river bends,  the Huon Jet Boat is a whole lot of adrenalin-fuelled fun!  The ride is filled with 360 degree spins and speeds of up to 80km/h as you whup along the river at speeds of up to 80 km/h and duck and weave under the forest canopy.

Back to Hobart in the Seaplane

After your ride on the Huon Jet, you will once again board the TAA seaplane and then take off from the Huon River.  Keep the cameras ready because the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and Bruny Island from the air is simply beautiful.

Sample Tour Images

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