Learn to Fly

par-avion2 Par Avion Flight Training (PAFT) is dedicated to your learning and development in aviation. We provide an excellent training environment with dedicated and experienced instructors, integrated theory and flight training, and a variety of aircraft types and modern facilities. You’ll also benefit from our long-standing industry experience.

par-avion1Modern Aircraft with advanced avionics for ab initio/navigation training, and a fleet of larger aircraft such as Cessna 206′s and Piper Navajo’s, provide students valuable experience in aeroplanes operated commercially throughout Australia. This can mean the difference when you apply for your first flying jobs.

We have dedicated classroom & study facilities with instructors on hand to assist with theory and training questions. There is also a modern, comfortable lounge and tea room facilities that you are welcome to use.

Learning at Cambridge Aerodrome, only 15 minutes from Hobart, means that your flying time and hands-on training is maximised in every flight hour. In comparison to many mainland centres our airspace is relatively uncluttered. You’ll spend more time in the air and less time taxiing, waiting for clearances and circling at crowded holding points. In comparison to aerodromes such as Moorabbin or Bankstown, this can mean a significant time and cost saving for you.

Flying in Tasmania offers a unique combination of weather, airspace and topography that is ideal for authentic and varied flight training.


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